Saturday, March 1, 2014

RPi Web: First Post

I've actually been working for several weeks on setting up a Raspberry Pi to serve a simple website from home. I haven't posted anything on it yet, probably because I always falsely assume my blog posts must be extravagant. Well, I don't have time for extravagance, so I'm keeping it simple here.

Mostly, I'm working on this project to teach myself a broad range of skills. My main goal right now, however, is to get a tilt-and-pan servo up and running with a very simple web page user interface.

Here is what I have accomplished so far:
  • Installed the Raspberry Pi default OS (I'm not booting a graphical interface, though) and other needed hardware/software:
    • Hooked up an old HP webcam and compiled mjpg-streamer on the RPi
    • Installed Apache and PHP
    • Installed and set up ssh-server
    • Installed coding peripherals: python and ipython, mercurial, vim, etc.
  • Wrote a script to start and stop the webcam stream
  • Set up my own free dynamic dns domain at so I can access my RPi from anywhere
  • Wrote a very simple index page
    • This page shows an adorable kitten when the camera is NOT streaming, and otherwise shows the stream
  • Rummaged around to find my old tilt-and-pan servo mount to which I fudged an attachment solution for the webcam using spare plastic car-rivets
  • Ordered new servos (the old ones were broken)
  • Set up a Bitbucket repository so I can write a python wrapper class to control the servos through the Pololu Micro Maestro
I just recently received my servos in the mail, so the coding shall soon begin! I will try to post photos and progress more frequently so this blog of mine actually has some interesting content up. Look for posts starting with "RPi Web: ..."

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  1. I forgot to mention that I am FULLY open to people asking me questions about this project. Especially if I am going to be motivating myself to write more by writing less (extensive blogs).


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