Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fix It: Cheap Computer Feet

For a while now, many of the little rubber feet on the bottom of my laptop have been missing. I've tried replacing them with custom-cut foam glued in place, but those came off after some time as well. And they were annoying to make. I wanted a quick and cheap fix that would last long and be easy to replace, if ever it were necessary again. Here is what I came up with.

The original rubber feet that came with the laptop
The finished product after a little bit of sawing
The fix, in my opinion, is really simple. I filled the empty feet with rubber silicone glue. Once it dried, I sliced away - using a sawing motion and a scalpel of some sort - the excess rubber. I'm pleased with the result and the rubber silicone glue is pretty strong. Now, those empty plastic feet no longer drag on the table top or annoy me while sitting on my lap.

Its the simple fixes in life that make you feel good.

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