Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Metrology Internship, Summer 2012

This is quite a late post, but I wanted to finally post my videos that I took over the summer at my Internship.

I was working at Alta Devices the entire summer on a project which I called the Wafer Analysis Station (WAS). The company uses GaAs wafers to make their solar cells, and these wafers are used over and over again, as many times as possible. Therefore, the surface must be inspected regularly to make sure it does not need to be resurfaced and is still suitable for the necessary processes.

In short, the WAS is a programmable machine meant to be able to autonomously remove wafers from their cassettes, perform tests on them, and then return them to the appropriate spot in the cassette.

On the WAS station we used a Wafer Presenter from Franklin MCI. The video below shows the results of my work communicating with it via serial commands from Igor Pro 6.

In the next video, I show how the wafer presenter is used in conjunction with a rotary stage (a Zaber T-RS) and an aluminum platform (a custom part I designed for the project) to transport wafers.

In that last video I do not believe I had suction working just yet, nor was I using real wafers. In the next video I use several silicon wafers (and possibly one GaAs wafer; I'm not sure), and point out how the project handles traffic.

Hope you enjoyed the videos.

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